My Masters in Germany: Planning for Germany

Hello Guys, I thought to write this post to share my experience with you to have a better understanding of the process. So, let’s start my journey from the drawing board back in India. The first question is that why should I do masters. It all started when I went to accompany my friend to some cat counselling centre. During the counselling the counsellor told us that there are 4 options for your future 1. CAT: that I don’t understand why one should do if you are doing bachelors in some technical field if you want to do MBA go for BBA first why bachelors of technology. So, that is out of my scope. 2. GMAT: That sound attractive to me because whenever we heard of foreign it’s like a dream place but need 2 years minimum work experience to apply. 3. GATE: The counsellor told us that it is very hard to do because there is lot of competition and getting seat in good college is tough which is quite true. 4. GRE: The counsellor tried to prove that CAT is best option, but I liked it because the paper for masters in not technical like GRE and we don’t need any work experience for this.

Like all the other aspirants who wants to do masters from abroad their dream country is US and some very renowned university that all of you have heard about. I am from NCR region in India and if you want to do masters then you must appear for two papers GRE and TOEFL. During my third year of bachelors I joined one of the best coaching of NCR region Jamboree Education. The teachers are very good there but again same problem that I am not a very dedicated student so after some time I stopped going to class. I have started my coaching in May and after few months at the start of forth year, the placement at our college started since I want to do masters I am not appearing for placement. My family is forcing me to take placement in some company as a backup plan and there is society pressure. You can say lucky or unlucky, I got placed in a big MNC 5 days before my GRE paper and those 5 days I wholly dedicated myself to party. I was very scared and gave my GRE paper, I scored 304 in paper which is very bad if you are targeting country like US. My family is quite happy with my placement, so I told them to have a career counsellor for that can help me with the university selection process. I didn’t tell my counsellor that I have got so bad marks in GRE after analysing my profile he told me that I can get to any university in US if I secure 326+ marks in GRE paper and 100+ in TOEFL. So, I started my GRE classes again but that never worked because after my placement I am not very serious for my studies and it’s my last semester so busy with my major project. Time passed, and I graduated.

I have forgot everything that I have read for GRE as it is 8 months gap between present day and last time I opened my book. Under peer pressure, I must join MNC and I have nothing to deny my parents decision because my marks are quite poor but my father helpful he told me to apply to some other countries and I get offer letter from some other college in some other country he won’t force me to join MNC. So, I tried to look for alternatives and that time it is June I have my joining date on 18 July. For US you must fill the form by November and December to join college in July and most of the countries have form deadline by March April, so I am out of options. There are some university in Germany that have deadline of form submission till June end. I applied to those university I think there are only 2 in which I applied (I have not given TOEFL these university accept a bachelor certificate that you bachelor university studies is totally in English which I can easily get form my university) since I have not get any reply from any of them so with no other option I have to MNC.

After joining MNC I feel quite depressed because all my colleagues irrespective of college and CGPA we are in same room, same designation and same position then I thought to start my studies again after an year but this time I thought to give TOEFL paper first as it is easy to crack working for almost 9 hours and spending 1.5 hour a day I cleared my TOEFL paper with 89 marks which is very less for US. In the first week of September I got acceptance letter from Bielefeld University, and I have to report within a month by mid-October at the university which is quite difficult to complete all the formalities and get visa, so I left the offer.

Working for 3 months in MNC it was very devastating for me as I am on bench. I started to apply for some college in Germany for summer semester but unfortunately, I got rejected from all of them by end of December. I am working on a bond period of 3 years with the MNC and being on bench is very depressing when most of your friends have been assigned to some project. My parents told me that I can apply for the last time for masters if I am not selected then I should look for some other alternatives like C-DAC or SAP courses in India.

I am assigned to a project then and after few weeks I was so busy that I hardly have time for my personal life, I am enjoying it because that I have so much to learn and I am working in extra shifts and dedicating myself to the MNC I got 9000/- Rupees. appraisal per year i.e. 700rs increment per month. I am totally lost so I decided that I will go for masters and that was march month I have overrun application deadline for many universities already, so I thought to apply for every university that I can found. I applied to Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Netherland and Germany. For my overtime service in MNC I have got many few awards but still Money plays a very important part in our life. I have to wait few months for my result and then bulls eye I got admission in almost every top university of all the countries that I have applied too. I chose University of Bonn among all the others because there is no fees in Germany whereas I have to pay a good sum of fees to other university, I have around 3 months of time that is more than sufficient to do the process, university ranking is good and with 2-3 days I have found many countrymates going to same university and same course.

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