Life @ Amity

In India there are hundreds of university but only most of us know about few of them like IIT’s, NIIT’s and others. Most of the students prepare of JEE exam by joining coaching classes after 10th board but there are limited seats. After these college there are few other universities that are quite famous in India, Amity is one of them. I have pursued my B.Tech from Amity so I would like to share my experience that you cannot find in advertisements or somewhere else.    

For a students, college campus mean two or three building but Amity University, Noida campus has 60 acres quite big and may impress anyone at first glance, it is situated at Greater-Noida Expressway. It can be easily reached from the nearest metro station i.e. Botanical Garden for 20 Rupees in sharing Autorikshaw, at most 60 Rupees in single Autorikshaw, alternatively you can find Uttar Pradesh roadway buses which will charge 5 rupees for dropping in front of Amity Gate No. 4. Amity has total 6 gates for entrance in the campus.

amity hostel

Amity provides option of on campus hostels for students. You can have AC and Non – AC accommodation rooms in hostel. I have lived first year in Non-AC room at their sector 44, hostels the rooms are available for sharing between 3 and 2 person. The rooms are assigned on the basis of your branch so there is high probability that your roommate is also your batch mate, this saves lot of effort especially at the time of exam and academics. During my second year I have lived in AC room at sector 125, hostels there are 4 Non AC boys hostel and 2 Non AC girls hostel along with 1 AC boys as well as separate girls hostel. You can have single room in AC hostel with common area for sitting that is shared with 4 people. Wi-Fi speed is quite good in Amity Hostel but can vary with your distance from router, you can easily watch videos on YouTube in HD quality in your room and there are few sites that are blocked on Amity Wi-Fi. To note, only registered devices work on Amity Wi-Fi and you can have only two devices registered with them. You need to have out pass every time you go out of college hostel. You can easily find PG nearby amity in sector 126 and sector 44 and they can range from 3,000 to 10,000 for single may or may not include food.

Amity has many cafeteria on campus serving different kind of food but Amity is pure veg university so you cannot find non veg inside the campus and eating non veg in hostel premises is an offence. The most famous spot for having lunch and dinner is H block, there we have CCD, Dominos, Subway etc. franchise and cafeteria. In cafeteria the cost of Thali is 30 Rupees in that you can have vegetable, chapatti, rice and dal but the menu is same ever week. The party spot on campus is Wall Street for food which is not so costly as compared to other restaurants nearby. There is also a bowling alley at amity campus, shooting range, swimming pool and fields for playing almost every game. The time for day scholars on campus is 8:00 PM and for hostellers 10:00 PM so you can hang out with friends on campus.

Amity has very good faculties, they are very supportive. Amity has good infrastructure, well equipped labs. Amity has 3 floor library which has for every department in amity. The library opens at 9 to 9, six days a week except Sunday. Inside library we have CCD and computers available. Now, the main point for which any student will join a university is placement. Placement is amity is good, you can have exact figures on amity website placement portal but all of my friends got placement and most of the students who took part in placement got placed if you don’t want placement from the university then you have to fill a VDS form otherwise university faculty will call you every time you miss a company and will inform you on new company.

To conclude amity is the best university in my point of view if you want to have studies with fun. Amity not only focuses on academics but also your personality for this you have 3 extra subjects i.e. Behavioral Science, English and French in every semester. You can find students of different ethnicity, religion even of other countries that provide a very good global environment.


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